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Zero Brain Cells

Posted by in Health: Mental Health  ~  July 22, 2012 07:43:06 PM

After a long hard day at work, the natural tendency of the office slave is to put one’s mind on autopilot and watch the events of his or her life pass by. This is the point where there are zero brain cells left in his head, and all that’s left to do is to sit and stop thinking…for the person who’s squeezed out. But this is actually the reason why the entertainment industry is big and popular.

Though this point may be inconvenient for others who are pressed for time in coming up with brain-racking outputs, it’s a state that’s convenient for many businessmen. See, when one becomes a zombie from too much thinking, they turn into a passive audience, susceptible to “comfort” things offered, with close to zero resistance on irrational concepts.

For instance, reaching this point is what makes comedians sell their shows. Silly jokes and anecdotes that only require passive listening and zero thinking is something that’s attractive to this market. Whether the stories illicit a laugh no longer matters, as long as they are allowed to take off their thinking hats, the clowns on stage are free to let lose.

An escape to another world is another sellable concept to this crowd. When this world takes too much of a person’s mind, one creates a shelter to retreat to in peace. These other worlds come in different forms and packages. Some come in a disguise of bounded papers. There are many of this kind floating around, and in different forms too. Name a world, it’s available in an instant in bookstores, stands, and even convenient stores.

Another getaway that’s booming today are those technologically driven. A totally new world faces a person sitting in front of a monitor, may it be a TV set or a computer. All it takes is a captive eye and some finger movement and a whole new world unfolds. Visions and feelings are fed into one’s mind, giving the brain a break from providing these things for the moment.

While in a brainless mode though, there’s a danger of being too passive that one absorbs too much from the other world they escape in. Emotions dramatized in a reading material or a TV show feel so real. Situations in movies or computer games get one pumped up to a point that they live it.

The point of zero brain cells is a normal experience, and it has a role in this world. But there’s also a need to be careful, as one becomes too absorbent that it blurs the line between the real world and the escape worlds chosen. This other side then gives feeds another industry: the mental institutions in different degrees. In mild cases, there are psychologists and therapists. While in advanced cases, there are special wings in hospital institutions available or rehabilitation centers.

As a tip to hard workers, it’s always best to manage ones brain cell consumption in a day as it can be detrimental to ones rationality and mental stability.