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Hong Kong Travel Guide

Posted by in Regional: Countries: Hong Kong  ~  February 20, 2012 09:42:30 AM

When you think about Hong Kong then you are probably imagining a small thriving island full of malls, condominiums, and shopping centers. But there is more to Hong Kong that meets the eye. There are some hidden treasures that lie beneath its seemingly urbanized facade. And you should also note that Hong Kong is not simply a single island, rather it is composed of the whole Hong Kong Island, the New Territories, and Kowloon. As you are probably already aware of, the Hong Kong Island is the most popular of the whole Hong Kong territories.

Hong Kong Island is the setting you usually see on advertisements and promotions, this island is mostly composed of concrete structure of different financial institutions including banks and insurance companies among others. Most government offices are located here and you will also find various embassies and consulates in the Hong Kong Island. In addition, you may also notice that this is the preferred regional headquarters of many multi-national companies that conduct business in Asia. But despite this apparent commercial facade, tourists are attracted to the Hong Kong Island because it also houses the famous Deep Water Bay and the other tourist favorite, the Repulse Bay.

On the other hand, if Hong Kong Island is the financial center, Kowloon is the industrial and even the commercial center. One of the best known features of Kowloon is the Victoria Harbour because it is one of the busiest shipping centers in the world. Hong Kong had rapidly developed in the last several decades mainly due to its trade activities and the Victoria Harbour played a huge role in this economic development. Everyday, there are many cargo ships that go in and out of Hong Kong aiding in its sustained development.

Meanwhile, in Hong Kong’s commercial centers, you will find some of the world most renowned brands and unique merchandise that come from different exotic locations. Most international fairs are regularly held in Hong Kong because it offers convenient to travel to its tourist. Several trains including the KCR, the MRT, and the light rail transit make up the train infrastructure in Hong Kong. This is in addition to the buses, ferries, taxis, and cars that ply the roads every day.

Hong Kong is one of the most visited places in Asia because it combines the best characteristics of the Eastern and Western culture. Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city where you can find both greeneries and shopping centers that can compete with the best of the world. There are so many things you can do in Hong Kong including shopping, recreations, partying, and even eating its delicious native delicacies. For people who love the outdoors, Hong Kong also has something in store for them. Cheung Chau is the ideal place to visit if you like to explore the scenery on foot because cars are not allowed here. You can also enjoy alfresco dining here at night and join in the parade which features children in costumes. If you want to experience the other side of Hong Kong then you must simply visit Peng Chau and see the rural lifestyle of fishermen that is still present despite the commercialization of Hong Kong.

If you get the chance to visit Hong Kong, Victoria Peak should be included in your itinerary, it is the highest peak in Hong Kong. From there you can see the whole of Hong Kong down below. To get there, you will need to ride on the cable car and from there you will need to go to the Peak Tower and see the top of Hong Kong’s skyscrapers. Aside from the view, there are also dining and entertainment centers in Victoria Peak including motor driven games. But the most well known attraction in Victoria Peak is the Believe it or Not Museum. Inside this museum, you can see some of the world’s most bizarre items and unbelievable machineries.

But the most recent attraction in Hong Kong is Disneyland, which was only completed in the September of 2005. It is the fifth Disney attraction ever built and the second on Asia with the other Disneyland being located in Japan. There are thirty two thousand visitors in this park everyday on the average. Hong Kong Disneyland is actually the smallest in the world but it doesn’t mean that it lacks in attraction as it contains the same theme with other Disneyland anywhere. It is also set to expand its attractions in the next few years.