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Head Lice Removal - Diagnosis and Treatment

Posted by in Health: Beauty  ~  June 02, 2013 03:37:51 AM

Head lice has been around for many centuries, and it doesn't show any signs of disappearing any time soon, so finding a head lice removal treatment makes life more pleasant. Head lice is nowhere near life treating, although it can make your head itch like crazy. There are millions of cases of head lice cases in the United States, mostly found in school aged children, so if you or your child is diagnosed with head lice there is no need to worry about it. You can go to any store and get a special medicine for the scalp and by following a few easy steps you will be successful at removing head lice.

How To Know If You Have Head Lice

When you are diagnosing yourself or someone else with head lice you are most commonly looking for nits or lice eggs. These little white egg sacks are found about two inches from the scalp and clinging to the hair. Eggs are easier to spot than the lice itself because lice blend into your hair more. Because nits are so tiny it would be easier for you to search for them in broad day light. Once you have diagnosed the issue you can begin your head lice removal program. Removing head lice is an easy process, which only takes a few nights to complete. That way within a few nights you or your child will be back to normal before you know it.

How To Treat Head Lice

Head lice removal is fairly cheap and easy to do. There are two effective ways to eliminate the lice; you can either purchase over the counter removal kits which explain the process of removing the lice. They also include the useful tools for removing nits, which even after you have gotten rid of the head lice you will need to use. However, there is a cheaper method of removing lice. You can use olive oil to suffocate the lice, or you can warm a towel in the dryer for up to a half an hour and wrap it around your head. The heat should kill the lice and nits.

After you have killed off all of the lice you will want to remove the nits by hand, or with the fine nit-picking comb that you received in your head lice removal kit. Removing the nits are a very important step in removing the head lice. By removing the adult lice you will prevent new lice being born. If your child has lice, it is important to remove the nits because most schools have a no-nit policy, which means if your child has lice, they will not be able to return to school until the nits have been removed. Even after you have removed the lice you will want to continue to look for nits to ensure that you or your child will not be affected by head lice again. Head lice removal is easy, and cheap to treat.