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Handmade Hair Care Products for Extra Shine

Posted by in Health: Beauty  ~  June 02, 2013 03:44:56 AM

Hair is the one thing that people notice right away. It is also the feature that they remember the most. So it isn't a surprise that we want our hair to look good all the time. We have a bathroom drawer that is bursting with curling irons, combs, brushes and flat irons.

The bathroom shelves are littered with sprays and gels. The bathtub is a jungle of hot oil treatments, shampoos and conditioners. The problem is that all this costs money, a lot of money. Handmade hair care products are one way to save money and still maintain a spectacular head of hair. The good news is that most handmade hair care remedies can be found in your kitchen.

Everyone knows that a head full of shiny hair is a sign of peaceful soul and a healthy body. Glossy hair is most commonly seen when people are walking out of a salon. There are several sprays and conditioners on the market that can help return your hair to that fresh-from-the-salon glow, but they cost money and several of them make your hair feel tacky to the touch.

Using leave in sprays can sometimes weigh down your hair. Overdoing the shine enhancing sprays can make your hair appear greasy and unwashed, rather than the gleaming shine you are trying to accomplish. The good news is that there are handmade hair care products you can make that will help restore the natural shine to your locks.

The handmade hair care product that has been historically used to add shine to a person’s hair is beer. Beer is so successful at making hair shiny, that several of the best hair care company’s include it in the shampoos and conditioners that are later sold in salons. To avoid the distinctive beer odor the hair care companies did some research and found that it wasn't so much the beer itself that made hair shiny, but rather that the key was the hops (a beer ingredient) that added the glow.

If you find that the idea of pouring a can of beer over your head isn't your idea of a good time, tea has also been a successful handmade hair remedy that adds shine. Setting a tea bag on your scalp isn't going to do anything. You need to boil the water and give the teabag time to seep. When the handmade hair care product has had time to cool, pour it over your hair.

Can't tolerate the smell of beer? Not a tea drinker? What about espresso? If you rely on a cup of espresso to give you a jolt in the morning, simply brew an extra cup of this caffeine rich drink (try to make it extra strong) and pour it over your head. For the shiniest results pour the espresso on dry hair. After 20 minutes, rinse it off.